Piano Topographies

20 Topographs for the intrepid pianist

A composition by Euan Moseley

This masterwork of fantasy concert studies for the piano has been hailed by Ashkenazy, Stott, Lill C.B.E., McLachlan et al. for its extraordinary inventiveness and originality.

Tripping melodies weave in and out of its urgent rhythms and pungent sonorities, demanding and commanding instant and unfailing attention. Unique in the classical repertoire.

The first performance of the complete work was given by the Hungarian- born virtuoso, Gusztáv Fenyö, (a descendant of the legendary Joseph Joachim), in the Sir Adrian Boult Concert Hall, Birmingham and then in the Cadogan Hall, London in Oct. 2006. Total playing time: about two hours. Each Topograph is about 10 pages long, or 5 - 6 minutes and is ideal for an advanced student to study or to perform in a competition.

tremendous rhythmic energy, bite, pizzazz, wit, colour, humour... extraordinary


i think this music is both inventive and communicative: a most satisfying combination! Congratulations!


i totally agree! This is something really original and very exciting!


i like the pieces very much .. they are in a well-defined personal style and are very effective as concert pieces.


the pieces make direct impact with the performer and are expertly and imaginatively created .. an excellent enterprise!


extremely interesting and challenging with a great deal of imagination and interest in the sonorities .. extraordinary!


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Piano Topographs Volume 1 - Topographs 1 to 10 (tps01) £9
Piano Topographs Volume 2 - Topographs 11 to 20 (tps02) £9
Piano Topographs Full score - Topographs 1 to 20 (tps03) £16
Piano Topographs - Any individual topograph (tps03) £5
Piano Topography Double CD recorded by Gusztav Fenyo (tpcd05) £25
Piano Topography High Def DVD-Audio/Blu-Ray recorded by Gusztav Fenyo (tpcd06) £25
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